Glossary of Characters

Characters are detailed under first name or best-known name. The initials H.H. (Haltbent) or P.I. (Praiye Isles) in parentheses following a character's name indicate nationality. Titles are indicated in parenthesis.

Haltbent Noble Houses follow a naming system where the children take the surname of the higher ranking parent. If the parents are of the same rank, then the child's surname is designated by the House of the father. The Noble Houses are ranked in the following order, greatest to least: Wraith, Highmore, Wellward and Leopard.

 (Please note, only 'big' power characters will be here, which means the Noble Houses' Heads, their offspring, and the Royal Family.)

Eris Wraith (Queen, H.H.) wife of Alaric Wraith; mother of Calder Wraith; reigning Queen of Haltbent.

Alaric Wraith (King, H.H.) husband of Eris Wraith; father of Calder Wraith; reigning King of Haltbent.

Calder Wraith (Crown Prince, H.H.) unmarried; childless; Heir to the throne of Haltbent.

--- Highmore (Duke, x.x.) Head of the Highmore Estate.

--- Wellward (Duke, x.x.)  Head of the Wellward Estate.

--- Leopard (Duke, x.x.) Head of the Leopard Estate

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