Laws of the Kingdom

Here is a list of laws that must be obeyed at all times within Haltbent. Please remember that to break one of these laws is grounds for punishment of your character without your permission. The Princess or Prince will decide which punishment is fit for the law broken, with no input from the roleplayer guaranteed to be considered.

Notice: If you are sensitive to discussions of sexual matters or could be triggered by laws concerning such, please do not read the final section (section e) on this page. The text size has been reduced of this section so that it cannot be accidentally read.  

a) Laws on Treason 

  1.  Respect Royalty at all times. To speak ill of Royalty is no better than to cut their throats.
  2. Do not plot or conspire against the Crown.
  3. Do not sabotage or otherwise endanger a course of action carried out on the Crown's order.
  4. Do not slander or print libel about the Royal Family.
  5. To threaten the Royal Family is equal to assassination, and will be treated as such.

b) Laws on Property
  1.  A man must be eighteen years of age to own property in Haltbent.
  2. If there are no heirs to an estate over the age of eighteen when the current Heads of said estate pass, the House will be overseen by a relative who has come of age until the eldest heir has reached eighteen years.
  3. Property may be seized by the Crown for any reason, with or without an explanation given to the previous owner, so long as a fair price has been offered to the previous owner. If the owner is a criminal or denies the offered coin, the property will be seized without pay and any trespassing will be punished.
  4. Thieving from a business owner or higher rank will result in permanent loss of use of the hand used to thieve, or another punishment as seen fit by the Crown.
  5. To enter the Castle grounds, one must either be a resident in the Castle or have special permission from the Crown. Any unlawful access to the grounds will result in punishment for assumed conspiring to assassinate.
  6. If a man is caught thieving, but the victim wishes to show mercy, the thief will be required to act as an unpaid servant until the worth of the item has been paid back in full with labor. (Sentimental value is considered when deciding the worth of the thieved item.)

c) Laws on Substances
  1.  Use, distribution and possession of the drug known as "White Lady," "Ice," "the Lady," "White Queen," et cetera, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Use, distribution and possession of the drug known as "Wolfsbane," "Howl," et cetera, is prohibited.
  3. Use, distribution and possession of the drug known as "Fain," "Shade," et cetera, is prohibited by law.

 (There are currently no laws concerning alcohol consumption. Any rules assumed are simply a product of moral standards.)

d) Laws on Abuse and Assault
  1.  The abuse or murder of a child is a heinous act, and to commit this crime is highly punishable. In cases of child abuse, Law v under Section d is inapplicable.
  2. Do not assault an innocent person, regardless of their position.
  3. Assault on a guard or Knight employed by the Crown is punished as high treason.
  4. If a man strikes a woman, her father names the preferred punishment, which will be reviewed and considered by the Crown.
  5. If a child strikes his mother after the age of ten years, he will be tried as an adult with the same punishment as a man. If he strikes his father, he is forbidden from becoming heir, and if he is a Noble, he will lose his title and live as a commoner.
  6. Murder of a Noble is punishable as high treason.
  7. The abuse of an animal is strictly prohibited. The inhumane slaughter of an animal is punishable in the same manner as the murder of a child (see Law i under Section d).

Notice: There is a strong trigger warning for the next section. Do not read if you are easily triggered by content of a sexual nature. 

e) Laws on  Sexual Conduct
  1. The rape or molestation of children is punished by death penalty, and the manner of death is decided by the parents (or other appointed guardian, if the child is adopted or the parents are the offenders) of the victim.
  2. If a man rapes a woman, he will receive a public castration, and the weapon with which this act is performed will be decided upon by the victim and her family.
  3. If a man rapes a woman and she becomes pregnant with his child, he will be punished as a rapist and be required to pay the woman the equivalent of sixteen years' work to compensate for his crime.
  4. In the case that a man is raped, his attacker is to be punished the same as the rapist of a woman.
  5. Sexual acts with any person under the age of sixteen years is strictly prohibited and punishable as rape, even if he or she gives consent. 
  6. Sexual acts performed on animals is illegal in all regions of Haltbent, and the punishment is decided by the Crown based on the damage done to the animal (both physically and mentally).
  7. Non-consensual sexual advances are strictly prohibited. The continued pressure to perform sexual acts or comments of a sexual nature after a person has expressed disinterest or discomfort is punishable as the assault of an innocent person.

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