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The Start

Haltbent was founded ninety-nine years ago by Bryden Wraith, a young royal prince hailing from the Praiye Isles. Bryden was lucky enough to have been followed by a few loyal followers of him, nobles and commoners alike. With this small circle of close friends, the Kingdom of Haltbent grew to rival his father's kingdom. 

The Sickness

Only a few years after the founding of Haltbent, a sickness came over those within the kingdom, a sickness no one had ever seen before. Valley Fever, as the common people called it, seemed to only sweep across the houses that had control over magic. With this sickness acting as a flame, it was soon gone, leaving the kingdom of Haltbent weary of any sort of magic. Queen Volare banned the use of magic and sent any sort of magical item to be exiled into the lands far away from Haltbent. With the sickness having left the Kingdom, it also left an uneasy time for the Nobles, many fighting about what had caused this sickness to spread. Was it the overuse of magic? Or was it a sign from the Gods that those within Haltbent where nothing more than mere mortals compared to them?

The Fall of the Ashdownes

Because of the Sickness that plagued the land of Haltbent, it wasn't long before war broke out. Fighting broke first among the Great Houses, each House going after the other, knocking them down, killing their heirs... The first House to fall was the Ashdownes, a prominent family with promising heirs active in the politics within the country. With their fall came a storm from the Castle Gates, the Royal Army pounding on the doors of the Nobles. It was not overlooked when the second leading House within Haltbent came to an end; the remaining Houses found themselves outnumbered as the force of the Royal Family came bearing down on them, forcing them into submission. Heads of the Houses responsible were stripped of their power, with new Heads being named from further on their family trees. Long-standing immediate families were replaced with distant cousins, ones who would bend to their knees in the face of the mighty wrath of the Queen, rather than those who would speak out against her and question her authority.

The Assassination

Queen Adley Wraith took the throne when her own mother, Queen Volare, passed. Queen Adley ruled for fifty years, from the age of twenty-five to seventy-five. When she was sixty-one, she birthed her only children, Eris and Acheron Wraith, twins with Dangelo Ashdowne as their father. Within the twins' first year of life, their father passed for reasons not discussed with the public, as no member of the Royal Family wished to admit that the King had had a problem with alcoholism throughout most of his adult life. The twins wore mourning garb for two years, as is custom after losing a parent, and to her death, the Queen still wore hers, swearing to never forget her beloved husband. As the twins reached their fourteenth year, Her Majesty seemed to become more paranoid, demanding her Royal Guard at her side all hours of the day. She was constantly looking over her shoulder, spooking at the slightest movement. She seemed afraid that something was coming, and the day death knocked on her door, he knocked silently. No one had seen the Queen the whole day, and the Crown Princess slowly became more worried. She asked frequently if anyone had seen her mother, and when nothing turned up of Her Majesty, she ventured to her mother's room to search for herself. A piercing scream cut through the halls of the Royals' Wing, bringing guards to her side in an instant within her mother's chambers. The Queen's throat had been cut, and she lay in a puddle of her own blood, an expression of betrayal and terror on her frozen face. A thorough investigation was conducted, but no evidence was found. To this day, not a soul besides the killer and their conspirators know the truth. 

The Newest Ruler

With only one heir named before the Queen's early demise, it was no question that the throne should fall to the Crown Princess, even though she was but fourteen years of age. Having run the forefront of the investigation into her mother's death, and the clear distress she displayed at the loss of the Queen, Princess Eris was never questioned as a possible suspect by the investigating team. There are whispers within the country that the deceased Queen Adley did not die by the hand of a stranger, but no person has ever stepped forward with an accusation, with the ever-present threat of charges for slander hanging over their heads. The Queen rules with her husband, Alaric Severin Wraith, at her right hand, her son, Calder Eric Wraith, her named Heir. Queen Eris has brought about many changes in the country, as is expected of a new ruler, some good, some bad. There are those who think her just, ruling with a firm hand but not a cruel heart. There are yet others who think her evil, think her a murderer, think her brutal. Only time will tell just what kind of ruler this elven woman will prove to be.

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